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Partnership links


Partnership links

Being part of children’s nursery life has a significant impact on their experience and education. We welcome parents and carers to become really involved in our nursery. We regularly invite parents and carers to attend ‘stay and play’ sessions which allows them opportunities to observe the work we do and the activities we provide. The parents can participate in the activity and offer their knowledge on different cultural backgrounds. We also provide activities for children to complete at home with their families.

We have daily informal discussions with parents and carers about their child’s development and general welfare, and offer advice where necessary. Parents and carers are invited to view and discuss the their child’s developmental records half termly. These discussions help create future learning outcomes to support their development.

We regularly post updates on our private Facebook page on events and activities that the children have enjoyed and we encourage parents to share relevant news on our Facebook page.

Community links

We believe that children and families benefit from being involved in the local community as it gives them first hand experiences of their local environment. We have arranged visits to local bookshops, care homes, library, post office. We also invite relevant residents and partnerships in to the nursery such as Guide Dogs, family pets and local residents to participate in seasonal activities, such as Santa’s Grotto.

We also hold events such as Grandparents Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and charity events

Working with professional agencies

We often call on advice and support from different agencies such as speech and language therapist, educational psychologists and local health visitors, when a child or parent requires additional support or advice.