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Staying safe online


Top tips to keep your children safe online –

– Set up parental control for unsafe/restricted websites.
You can do this on your iPad by turning on the iPad’s Restrictions. Go to settings > General > Restrictions and tap Enable Restrictions. Every time you do this you’ll be asked to setup a 4 digit passcode and enter it a second time. (Be sure it’s something you can remember but your kid won’t figure out!)

– If your child uses any social media accounts teach your child how to block or report any content they feel is inappropriate or upsetting. Discuss with your child that it is important they tell you or a trusting adult what they have seen/read online that they feel is upsetting.

STRANGER DANGER – Strangers are amongst us online too. Discuss with children that if you don’t know who you’re speaking to, then you shouldn’t be speaking to them! They can create false accounts fake names. If your child is speaking about a new “friend” who you haven’t met or heard much about before.. Ask questions!

Follow your gut – If your child is acting out of character, withdrawn.. seek help! Depending on the reasoning if it is serious call the police.

For some useful websites of online safety go to –

Online Safety

Essex Police – Internet & Social Media

Digital Eagles – Barclays Online safety

Online Issues

For more information on Online safety please help yourself to leaflets in our lobby.
Feel free to speak to a member of staff regarding any concerns.