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Brentwood Day Nusery

Settling in


Visiting and settling in Sessions

We feel its really important that you view the nursery and that children are included in the viewing process, so that s/he has the opportunity to explore the setting. It also enables us to discuss your child’s needs and to ensure that we can fully meet their requirements. Please call to make an appointment to view the nursery.

On arrival please ask a member of staff for a ‘Parking permit’ as they are given on request, we also ask that you do not use your mobile phone at any time in the setting. (If you do have any urgent calls we ask if you could leave the premises to attend to them) due to our safeguarding policies. Any concerns or questions you may have, please feel free to discuss them with us. We also offer 2 individual sessions of an hour each for children to come in prior to their start date. This helps familiarise them and parents with the setting and routine.

Some children will take longer to settle than others, with this in mind we offer the following service:

After an initial meeting where registration procedures and introduction to key members of staff (including the child’s key person) takes place. Parents/carers are invited to join their child for an hour at the setting prior to their official start date (at an agreed time). This may be followed up by another date where children can be left for an hour without their parent/carer.

Where required, and prearranged with the Manager, children can be left for additional settling in sessions, prior to the child’s start date. There will be an hourly charge for this service.