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Our Ofsted Inspection Report


We had our Ofsted inspection in February 2018, and continue to be ‘GOOD’, here is what Ofsted said about us…

  • Children’s emotional development is supported very well. They develop strong bonds with their key person and other staff. Staff encourage children to recognise each other’s accomplishments, which helps to support their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Diversity is promoted well through activities and teaching. Parents visit the nursery to share first-hand information about their professions and cultural heritage. This helps children to value a wide range of backgrounds and learn about respecting the opinions of others.
  • Parents report that staff in the nursery provide a caring, family environment. They talk about how friendly staff are and the wide range of activities that is provided for their children, including outdoor play.
  • All children’s communication and language skills are well supported, including those who speak English as an additional language. They show their good understanding of instructions and how to follow them. For example, children use a spoon to scoop up lemon juice and pour it onto their pancake.

To read more about our Ofsted report please follow the link below.

OFSTED Brentwood Day Nursery Feb 2018